Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the First Annual 'Do the Q/Full Monty' Contest!

Most of my furrends have heard of me doing the Monty Q and the Full Monty, and now it's your turn! Can stretch your back legs and do the Q? How about showing off some furmimin and try a Full Monty? You can? Great! Take a picture and share it here!


The 'Monty Q':
Back legs extended, tail placement optional.

The 'Full Monty':
Needs no explanation. ;)


  • Best Monty Q and Full Monty
  • Viewer's Choice
  • Best Interpretation on a Theme
    • Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?


  • Best Monty Q and Full Monty will each receive a handcrafted fleece kittybed.
  • Viewer's Choice will receive a remote control mousie.
  • Best Interpretation on a Theme will receive a kitty themed photobook and papers.

  • There aren't too many!
  • The contest is open to all kitties who blog.
  • (Well, really we'll allow some other bloggin' animals, if there's a Bunny Q then let's see it!)
  • One official picture for pose per kitty/animal, and please title each one!
  • To quote Skeezix: "It's my contest, so I can change the rules anytime I want."
  • Please submit all pictures by August 17th!!!
D'oh-I didn't think of something when I typed up 'da rules'. It's one kitty pic per pose, but you can enter both poses. And if you're a multi-cat household each kitty can enter both times too. (I fink I just confused myself...)


Donny and Marie and Casey all live together, so each of them can submit two pictures each: one Full Monty and one Monty Q. (If they do each pose.)

How To Enter:
  • From August 18th-25th the polls will be open for evfurryone to vote.
  • No box stuffin, please!
  • The votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced on August 27th.


mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer monty q,
dis izza verree eksitin contest dat mi brudder mickey can enter wid eez!

The Cat Realm said...

Anastasia is the master of theQ. She will enter! Good thing she has time till August 17 because there is sooo much going on right now!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

This is a furry inchresting contest. We will haf to wait furr the Beans to haf their Holly Days then we will haf a go.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Great contest and fabulous prizes, Monty! :) I'll have to practice my Full Monty poses, since I don't do the Monty Q.

Tyler said...

Hmmm, Momma here. This will be a challenge because none of my five do the Q. Ocassionally, I'll catch a Full Monty. Good thing I'm on vacation. I'm home all day and I'll hope to catch one of them. Tyler's so pliable with me, I might be able to pose him. Especially if I show him Monty's excellent examples. Sounds like a lot of fun, Monty. And if we don't win, it'll still be fun seeing those poses from all the other kitties. Let the game begin!!!!

Tyler says: Monty you're very talented for being a cat from the shelter who was there for so long as a big kitty. Your mom is sure lucky to have found you.

sammawow said...

This looks like a very fun contest - we will have to practice "q-ing" because we have never been caught on camera like this. Our cousin Alice can really do the full monty but she is only a guest on our blogs. So if she cannot enter, she will have to teach us - hehe!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Chrissie said...

This is a way cool contest! I'm gonna have mom take a good picture!

Unknown said...

Wowy, Zowy! What a great contest! I will have My Lady charge the camera battery and Clyde and I will get to work ASAP.

Full Monty Q said...

Hi Monty Q,
Mosaic Lady's brain fog finally cleared and she figured out how to post here.
Get a clue, ML. Take two. They're small!

Laura said...

I posted under your name.
Good Lord.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Great contest, I will tell michico to find pictures fit this contest.
Just inform me how to post my photos on.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Oh my goodness! I just saw da amazing prizes! So many contests! So many prizes! So exciting!!!!


sammawow said...

Ooh, this looks like a great contest. We will both have to practice first. Willow thinks that she has a good full monte already! I'm still working on it!

Purrrrs, China Cat

LZ said...

Oh I HAVE to enter!! I do both and I do both very often!


lordjaders said...

Ooh, ooh, I think I want to enterrr this!


Christine and FAZ said...

Dear Monty Q. I've done one, I've done one. I am posting it on my blog tomorrow. Come have a look and let me know what you think. FAZ

Samantha & Mom said...

We are very excited too. Mom took lots of me the other night. Now I just have to decide. Tigger you better start looking for your picture!!
Your FL furiends,

Full Monty Q said...

This is one of the BEST contests ever! We looked at all the pictures and they are PRICELESS! This will be hard to decide, there are many entries that made us laugh out loud!!! Thank you for doing this, we know how much time and work and effort you have to put in a contest like this, but everyone will really appreciate it! You are the best!
Karl and Anastasia

The Cat Realm said...

Ups. We are so stupid sometimes. We didn't sign out before we posted.... Sorry....

lin said...


meowmeowmans said...
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