Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jui Jitsu Full Monty


Skittles, The Huntress

Notice::: I don't even need to eyes are closed, but I feel your presence!

Puff Does The Full Monty - The Movie!

After an afternoon of excessive 'nip and furminating, Puff decided that she would like to show her stuff in a movie. Here she is in all of her floofy glory demonstrating the Full 'Nip Monty! Take it away Puff...

You can see more of Puff the shameless hussy at

Oh, Aye, Whar's Me Kilt? I'm Doin' A Full Monty!

Angus Mhor (

You KNOW I'm always discreet!

Jack and Persephone's Full Montys

Jack's Full Monty on the Ceiling, In the Shadow of a Sister-Cat

Persephone's I'm-A-Frail-Flower-Of-Femininity-And-DEATH-To-The-Scurvy-Bastard-Who-Dares-Say-Otherwise Full Monty

We blog here

Othello's Sunshine Full Monty 2008

Kashim's Full Monty with a slight twist 2008


different angle:


please note the toe placement ;o)

Kashim from The Catboys' Realm

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tintin's Side Twisted Monty Q. 2008

Tintin Monty Q. 2008 The Cat Realm entered by Mrs. OZ.

Go here to see the outtakes of the photo session!

Vincent's Full Monty 2008 with a twist

Vincent is doin' his Full Monty with a twist.

we is doin the Q too!!!

kintaro posing for MQ magazine.
ladies, doesn't he look so . . . so sexy!!

kintaro showing off his frisbee skills while doing the full monty
(don't forget to check out the floofy back feet!)

yuki showing off her temptation induced full monty 2008

Packet's Monorail Monty Q

Packet (who can usually be found at TacJammer) does the Monty Q atop one of his favorite perches.

Cato's Full Monty

well, you all saw li'l cato doin' the q earlier inna contest. now he unfurls his full kittenish glory inna full-monty-sans-tail!

Rossetti's Twisted Full Monty - 2008

This is Rossetti's version of the Full Monty!!! It's a twisted full monty with half a laser beam!!!! 

Kirara's Full Monty - 2008

Kirara's lady like Full Monty!!!!

Rossetti's Q - 2008

Rossetti is doing the Q with a slight variation.... the splits!!!!! (Do NOT attempt this at home... he's a professional!!!)

The Kiaton Empire

Sugar's Full Monty 2008

A squished Full Monty

Chance Full Monty 2008

Chance Bond Duz Da Full Monty Jus a lytl to da syde, hehehe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mr. Tigger's Full Monty 2008

Here is my Full Monty with a slight twist!
Mr. Tigger from Life From A Cat's Perspective!

Samantha Black's Full Monty 2008

Here I am doing the Full Monty with Squiggles!
Samantha Black at Life From A Cat's Perspective!

Zoey's Full Monty 2008

The yellow hair lady says it's not very lady like for a girl-cat to do the Full Monty...
but I think I'm just as good at it as the boys!

Ernie's Full Monty 2008

I call this the "One Eye Open Full Monty."

Wally's Full Monty 2008

It was hard to pick the best photo of me doing the Full Monty
since I do the Monty all the time!

Dooin' Da Full Monty

Oh yeah, I'm hot!Beezer blogs here
Ya know ya wanna kiss this tumma-tum-tum.

Pumpkin and Patch Bunny Q 2008

It's a Q and a flop!

Betsy's BunnyQ 2008

betsy's cute bum

Betsy's BunnyQ 2008 (

Tara's Stretched Full Monty

Note the toe extenstion

Tara's Sultry Princess Q

Come on big boys, admit it, you can't resist me!

Cheddar Can Do the Full Monty in his Sleep!

Here's is my bruvver Cheddar's Full Monty entry for the Doin' the Q contest! I took his pic while he was sleeping. Shh, don't tell! heheheh.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kelly Cat's Waiting-for-a-tummy-rub Full Monty

Here's Mr. Kelly of It's all Good. Even if he's comfortable on a fleece blanket, as you see here he will gladly go all Full Monty if he thinks there's a tummy rub in it for him.

Alexi's full Monty

Here's the same shot from a different angle.
Alexi of Krasota Castle does the Full Monty on the back porch. She's trying to reach something! She has mastered the fine art of the Full Monty!

Full Monty lesson

Annie teaches her daughter, Molly, how to do the Full Monty. Both are from Krasota Castle!
"This is how you do it!"

Binky's Full Monty

Binky of Krasota Castle learned how to do the Full Monty at a very young age and still does it!

Timothy Does The Full Monty

Timothy's Foofy Full Monty with a smile

Evita does the Full Monty!

Even the late Evita knew how to do the Full Monty! Look at those bunny rabbit feet!

Molly does a partial Monty with a twist

Molly of Krasota Castle does the full Monty under the covers! If you look closely, you can see her rear foot at the top of the photo.

Gabrielle does the Monty Q!

Note the placement of the rear leg. Gabrielle of Krasota Castle looks quite the sight as she looks out the window!

Raisin a'Ruckus and the Q Nap

Ruckus' Full Monty with a Twist:
Judges' scores: 9.8, 9.9, 9.7, 9.6, 9.9
(the 9.6 was from the Alsatian)

The landing was purrrrrrrfect!

KittyBoy Doing the Full Monty

KittyBoy Does the Full Monty
with a slight twist and hook of the tail