Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Did the Music Stop?

I was dancin, doin my full Montys, when the music stopped!
Victor Tabbycat

Full Monty, Attack Tabby Style

A proper lady with tucked paws and a modicum of modesty.
Are you SURE showing my belly is a sign of trust?
Do you want to bet your fingers on it?
Bonnie Underfoot

Monday, July 30, 2007

Full Monty, Faz style...

Check out Faz's whiter-than-white tummy!
Faz the Cat: http://fazakerly.blogspot.com

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Clyde's Full Monty

Hey everyone! I'm Clyde Helton. My brother, Henry Helton, lets me use his blog to talk to other blogging kitties. How do you like my Full Monty? Pretty good, I think.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fiona Bun - Bunny Q Flop

Well, buns don't do Full Montys, but we do brilliant flops.

Fiona taking a snooze at DKM's feet

DK & the Fluffies

Sophia - Full Monty with a twist

Sophia flashing some tummy

DK & the Fluffies

Bunny Q

Lando doing a Bunny Q

Putting one paw forward

DK & the Fluffies

The Full Monty, Natural-style

With the beauty of nature all around, Skittles the Huntress takes a break in the sun to show her softer side. You can find her (and her Yoga lessons!) at http://kaboodlecats.blogspot.com/

A Peachy Full Monty

A COVERGIRL always knows the very best pose!! Come and visit me, darlings, at http://misspeachsmeowz.blogspot.com/

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A half monty?

Sure Meowm! About the time I tell somecat that you can't get the flashy box out fast enough to get me doing a full monty, you catch me in what could possibly be a half monty!


A Ladylike Full Monty

I don't want my boyfriendcat Miles to think I'm shameless, so I thought I'd enter a reel ladylike Full Monty. Do you think I did good? I hope Miles thinks so!

Queen of HotMBC (http://catsnmom.blogspot.com)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Twisted Q Tabby Rap

"I'm Lord Jaders on the Loose...
You'rrre all seein my caboose...
Toy feverrrs get me fussy,
Brrreak Dancin like a Hussy!
Wwhhhoooop Therrre It Is!!!"

Lord Jaders on the Loose can be visited at

Full Monty onna Lap

I love to do the Full Monty on Mom's lap. It's a very soft and squishy place to do it. Here's my Full Monty onna Lap with a Twist. If you try this at home, make sure you do not fall off the lap while performing your Full Monty onna Lap. That's very embarassing and makes the human laugh at you.

Special tip: If you fall off the lap and the human laughs, look very, very pitiful and maybe you'll get some treats!

Mini of HotMBC

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Regal Full Monty

Its important to do the Full Monty on a balcony, where you can do a slight twist to do a regal paw wave to your adoring subjects below while keeping your nose in the air and not looking at them directly.


The Regal Monty Q

The Monty Q is an excellent way to cool a royal tummy in the emerald green grass of your subjects. Keeping your regal presence is as important as in the Full Monty, so make sure that nose is in the air, and again, avoid eye contact.


Kavan Learning the Full Monty

Kittens must be taught the full Monty. They aren't born with this skill, even a royal meezer. Using interactive toys is a great way to teach the important aspects of the position. Here I use my favorite orange feather toy to teach attention-deficit disordered Kavan the intricacies of the pose. He is catching on pretty quick!

Full Monty Surrender

Here I am doing da Full Monty - I throw up my arms and say "I surrender" - this is especially a good Fully Monty when you is wrastlin' wif a gurl. It's good to surrender sometimes!
(Daddykitty tooked da photo an accidentally
cut off my legs - but you gits da picture).

Submitted by Kimo

Fully Monty Nip-Style

This is what a Full Monty looks like when yer on a full nip ride! Dude - it's hard to git yer legs over (if you can even feel them after that much nip)! Just a side note...you gots to hold yer tongue just right fer the desired effect.

Tip: Don't fergit to say WHEEEEEE!

Submitted by Sabi

Kellie doing the Full Monty

This is my best full monty pose, it is extra difficult because I am not doing it on the floor. I am executing my pose on my Mum!

You can find me at Kellie the Orange Cat


Here are both of my submissions. I lie like this A LOT. Like....constantly. I have so many examples it was hard to choose. In the end I guess these are the best examples of my stance.
(You can click to biggify if you want. Oh, and while I'm not submitting this one, you might want to look anyway ;) Censored

Chase's Blog

Mr. Hendrix does the Full Monty!

This is me showing my daddy how to do the Full Monty. He was so appreciative, he gave me a niiiiiice head scratch. You can see me bracing my paw against the couch for a good daddy head scratch. You can find me over at Mr. Hendrix the Kitty.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beezer does the Full Monty

Hi there!
Beezer here.

This is my Full Monty. There are a few things that you should note:

1. The white patch on my tummy is the same as the patch on my chest. Just like if you put some paint on a piece of paper then fold it in half then open it up.

2. My front paws are folded nicely, and I look very sweet (at least mine mombean sez so).

3. My back paw is locked and loaded for a bunny kick. You will get a full kick if you try to pet my oh, so, cute tummy. Unless you are mine mombean. She can rub and kiss the ol' tum-tum any time she wants. That's why she's the mombean. Also, if you comment on my little pooch (all, right, flab. There. Happy now?) I'll get up and just walk away and you can kiss my spot #13.

You can visit me and see more pictures and adventures at my blog BeezerSong.

Tubbo Walter - King of the Full Monty

We thought we'd have access to lots of old photos of our Tubbo Walter doing the full, but the computer doctor couldn't get old stuff off the iMac today. This is one of our favorite photos EVER of him, but we only have a tiny copy, so you don't get the full effect. But we're posting it anyway, because we have never met a cat who assumed that position more often and more willingly, for so long! He could sleep like this for hours, even, and preferably, upside down on Mosaic Lady's lap while she watched tee vee. Mosaic Cats

Kashim & Othello trying a Monty...

Posted by Kashim & Othello (http://catboys.paulchens.org)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baby Mao Doin' the Q!

Look effryone! You can see my bits and everything! He he he

Baby Mao xxx

HRH Yao-Lin Doing the Q Meezer Stylee

Shame. You can't see my crown jewels.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Tyler's Tattles' Kittens Do the Full Monty

This is Sophie trying to scare away the monsters while doing the Full Monty.

This is Jake giving it his best shot.

Our blog's name is Tyler's Tattles
We live at: http://tylerstattles.blogspot.com/

Adan's Full Monty

This is Adan, a very loving and friendly tuxie cat who lives far away in Japan! You can visit his blog at http://adan-way.blogspot.com

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One-Eyed Stevie goes Monty

I've never assumed this position before, but the contest has brought it out of me.

Here's my link to my Catster page: http://www.catster.com/cats/218938

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bianca's Catholic School Girl Demure & Ladylike Monty

She is almost 15, after all.
Is it just me or does Bianca have some Frootbat potential goin' on?

Mosaic Cats

Dragonheart's Full Monty with a Twist

Dragonheart of Dragonheart's Domain

Toby does both!

Doin' the Q

Full belly pose with a twist AND a back paw wave (very difficult to execute!)

Toby the Snowshoe

Twisted Sister

Boo shows off her half pike with a twist. She's practicing for the next catolympics.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teaching Casey the Full Monty

Here I am teaching Casey how to do a Full Monty. She has never done it before in her life.

The lesson did not go well: I got frustrated and she got upset. Then we had a big fight.

The End.

Submitted by Donny - http://mariethedefender.blogspot.com

Doing The Q! - Zen-style

My name is Marie the Defender. Tonight, I am practicing my meditation - which I know is hard to believe, for those who know me - by doing the Monty Q!

My blog - http://mariethedefender.blogspot.com

Please Do Not Disturb

Hello, I'm Silky, Luxor's sister.
Luxor - He's the Whitest of Boys

Mr. Chen Mounts a Monty

Here's me, Mr. Chen, in a Full Monty with a slight back leg twist (this covers up my private bits for the ladies, too) and a one paw raised, one paw down maneuver.

Submitted my Mr. Chen of Live, Love, Lick with Mr. Chen & Ollie

Sadie's Full Monty Stepping Stone

Unofficial duplicate entry just because she can!

Sadie's Full Monty on the Rocks with a Twist!

Mosaic Cats

Got Monty?

Here's Ollie in his best Full Monty pose.

Submitted by Ollie of Live, Love, Lick with Mr. Chen & Ollie http://chenandollie.blogspot.com/

MaoMao's Full-Monty With a Twist!

Here's my full Monty with a twist, or maybe I'm just doin' the Hokey Pokey in my sleep!

Submitted by Chairman Mao of the Ballicus Blog.

Monty on the Side with a Pudge Flash!

Now You Know What a ScotsCat Wears Under His Kilt!

By Angus Mhor of Heart Full O' Cats!

Alicat doing the Full Monty

A full Monty plus a wink demonstrated by Ali of http://fi-ali.blogspot.com/

Pablo's entry: Full Monty Twister with Toe Lick

I don't think this is an orthodox Full Monty shot, cause you can't see my rudes. But this is my twist. Hope you like it!

--Pabs http://meowpablog.blogspot.com

Monday, July 16, 2007

Marilyn's Full Monty!

Here's my full Monty! And here's the link to my blog: Marilyn MonREOW.

*giggle*, that was fun!

Puff The Widebodied Wonder Doing the Full Monty

My sister Puff is an expert at a full Monty. She'd like to enter the contest and wants everyone to know that she really is as gorgeous and floofy as she looks. Sigh...
From me, Perfectly Parker