Monday, September 1, 2008


Doing the Q Winners!

Full Monty - Sam from the St. Louis Meezers
Monty Q - Packet
Viewer’s Chioce - Blurpy Q
Best Interprestation of a theme - Victor’s Tail Q
Girlie Q - Tara
Bunny Q - Buttons

Friday, August 22, 2008

Time for Judging!

WooHoo - It is time for judging!

Voting begins tonight and runs through August 31st. Winners will be announced on September 1st.

Please send an email to Sophia at adivakitty @ (Sophia is tallying up all of the votes for us here at the Monty Q contest).

In your email, please include your name and a link to your blog or catster page. There is one vote in each category per family. So if there are 5 kitties in your house - you get one vote. If there is one bun in your house - you get one vote. Yes - you can vote for yourself.

What to vote for!
  • Best Full Monty
  • Best Monty Q - Back legs extended, tail placement optional
  • Viewer Choice - Your favorite of all the photos
  • Best Interpretation on a Theme of all photos
  • Best Girlie Q (sponsored by the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats hotties) - Girlie Q Rules: Clotheses or no clotheses, just lookin girly somehow and/or bein a girl. So a guy cat who's prissy could win the Girly Q if he's more girly than alla the girls.
  • Best Bunny Q - Best bun doing a Bunny Q

So if Sophia was sending in her entry it would look like this:

Sophia and the Fluffies

  • Best Full Monty - Derby's Full Monty
  • Best Monty Q - Tintin
  • Viewer Choice - Victor Tail Q
  • Best Interpretation on a Theme - Blurpy Q
  • Best Girlie Q - Sam's Squiggle Q
  • Best Bunny Q - Abbey Bun

Voting begins tonight and runs through August 31st. Winners will be announced on September 1st.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

SophieKitty Attempts Full Monty

But ends up with a Full Monty with a twist.
SophieKitty Full Monty 2008

Huggy Bear's Full Monty 2008

I am the Full Monty cat in our house. Sure, sometimes you'll get a Full Monty or Q from Jasper or Josie or Maggie, but they don't do it like I do. So, for our last minute entry to Doing the Q the obvious choice was Huggy Bear, of course.

Full monty
It was a tough call. This one is from June. I had another Full Monty from a few weeks ago, but I think this one was a little better.

Good luck everyone!

--Huggy Bear

Willow - Semi-Full Monty Q - 2008 -

I was getting my fur brushed and
I tried my best to do the full monty...
I stretched out my toes as far as they would go...
but, this is how I roll...
You can find me here...

Gracie 2008 from CampStanhopeHappenings!

This is Gracie doing the Full (girlie) Monty with a leg over her sister's head. Their 'bean' dad took this just an hour ago (today, 8/8/08). For more antics of the 3 orphans, plus the 3 old-timer cats at our house go to:
Thanks, Monty! I hadn't had time to dig through older pictures, so this was perfect!

Figaro's Full Monty 2008

I play Wii Full Monty! It is MarioCart.

Veronica's Copycat MontyQ 2008

My little brothur always copies me. Here is our mirror-image sideways montyQ

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dragonheart's Full Monty 2008

A "Gentlemanly" Full Monty, with everything covered

Dragonheart - Full Monty - 2008 - Chat Aux Sphynx:

Merlin Full Monty 2008

A Naked Full Monty with a Twist!

Merlin - Full Monty - 2008 - Chat Aux Sphynx:

Meerkat's Full Monty with a Half-Twist

Meerkat, of The Furry Bambinos (, does the Full Monty with a Half-Twist.

The Full Monty-Sideways

Here are our entries for the Full Monty,Sideways !!



This is to prove it's Tillie,heehee


Come visit us at Mickey's Musings.

Victor Variation - Q Tail

Dis is my imitation of the Doin the Q logo!
Time for Bed, Mom!

Victor 2008 iz a copy cat.

Tazo's Full Monty 2008

I have found that it's quite comfy to prop your back feets on the wall while you're doing a Full Monty.

Tazo from

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daisy May's Wacky Q

My Wacky Q's.

I wz just 4 sum muffns old .... all gangly frum growin twise my size in three days!!



Heres the big gurl Q. I'm about a year olds now!
Okay.... here I am, Katie & Bootsie. Cum Pounce on Me!!!

-Daisy May Daffodil

Bootsie's Cutsie Q

My furry furstid foto, August 2007 Ize 3 muffins old.

Dis here I wz almos 5 muffins old.

Ize almos a year old now and Ize still littel gurl !! Ize only 5.7 poundees (american).

Mawmee gots sum more fotoz of my cutsie q... deys in da flashy box an she gots ta defelopp dem at walgreens ta get free film.

Bye Bye I iz shy...

- Lil Miss Bootsie Woo.


Leo Doing the Q

Leo from Purrrrs doing the Q (with Fairy musing on the side)!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Derby's Full Monty - 2008

I walked in the sleepy room, looked up at mum very cute. So she got out the flashy box to get a nice picture. So what did I do....

I stopped....

I dropped.....

I full monty'd....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Camie doing the Full Monty

Camie doing a Full Monty - 2008

Tavi being modest doing his Full Monty

Tavi of Camie's Kitties doing the Full Monty - 2008

Ariel doing A Modest Monty

Ariel doing a Modest Monty for the 2008 contest.You can see my blog here....

Sweet Ariel

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oven's monty...

Yay yay yay!!!!!
This is me!
Mine Mummy calls this the swan-lake monty!
Don't you thinks I is a pretty ballerina?
Oh...and this is my half of the double twisted monty with the Giant Kitty.
His half can be founds here.
My bloggy can be founds at I is Beethoven.

Boy's monty...

This is mine handsome pwaying dead monty which I use to wet mine Mummy know I is fainted fwom hunger and I need some cwunchy goodness pwonto!This is me and That Thing and our half of a double twisted monty. Here is mine half. You can see the other half in That Thing's entwy.
Oh, and mine bwoggy is at Bwog of the Genius Cat.

Rocky Q: Doin the Geezer Q

Just like Jack LaLane, I'm living proof that yoo can still do the Q at 17 ... as long as yoo do lots of mattriss dansing to keep limber, if yoo know whut I meen.




Minchie Meow doing his first Full Monty 2008

We never saw Minchie do a Full Monty before so mom was very lucky when the flashy box went off and caught him doing his very first one.
See us here.

Mickey Mantle does the Full Monty 2008!

I love doing the Full Monty.
It feels sooooo good!

jeter duz da "q"

yes ... i, too, can do da "q" ... an heer i am doin it on mi yankee bed. (needz to be washed mom!)
come vizit me heer!
luv--jeter harris

Full Poppy Q

This is me doing my best camouflage Full Monty with a twist on my mums bed. Can you see me?

If you want to see more of me please visit my blog at:.

CC's Half Monty

Doing a half monty! I couldn't get the camera in time to get the full one. :)
I'm over at CC and Perl!

Eric's Full Monty

Using the pavement makes for a good backdrop and helps relieve itchy backitis.

I'm over at Eric and Flynn's.

Flynn's Full Monty

Full Flynn from Eric and Flynn. Please note the side stretch for full sunbeam capacity!

Full Adan 2008

Here is my Full Adan! You can find me at Adan's Everyday + Lego!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jui Jitsu Full Monty


Skittles, The Huntress

Notice::: I don't even need to eyes are closed, but I feel your presence!

Puff Does The Full Monty - The Movie!

After an afternoon of excessive 'nip and furminating, Puff decided that she would like to show her stuff in a movie. Here she is in all of her floofy glory demonstrating the Full 'Nip Monty! Take it away Puff...

You can see more of Puff the shameless hussy at

Oh, Aye, Whar's Me Kilt? I'm Doin' A Full Monty!

Angus Mhor (

You KNOW I'm always discreet!

Jack and Persephone's Full Montys

Jack's Full Monty on the Ceiling, In the Shadow of a Sister-Cat

Persephone's I'm-A-Frail-Flower-Of-Femininity-And-DEATH-To-The-Scurvy-Bastard-Who-Dares-Say-Otherwise Full Monty

We blog here

Othello's Sunshine Full Monty 2008

Kashim's Full Monty with a slight twist 2008


different angle:


please note the toe placement ;o)

Kashim from The Catboys' Realm