Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jonesie Does the Full Floofy Monty


Nothing like doing the Full Monty in the garden!!!

Smokey Does the 180-Degree Twist Full Monty With Opposite Paw Points and Modesty Tail Wrap

Name: Smokey
Pose Name: The 180-Degree Twist Full Monty with
Opposite Paw Points and Modesty Tail Wrap
Pose Year: 2010
Blog Address: http://missyblueeyes.blogspot.com/

Note opposite pointing of the front right paw and back left paw.
Also notice Smokey has chosen the more difficult
Modesty Tail Wrap With Back Paw Secure.

Benny does the 'Ice Cube Monty Q'

Benny from The World of Hansel does the Monty Q. He has no tail, but, you can see the little numb doing it's best.
This is his normal stance for eating Ice Cubes.

Raymond Does the Full Modest Monty

Raymond (2010) doing a Full Modest Monty from http://catsbythesea.blogspot.com/

Bella's Full Monty with Tail Extension

Beautiful PAWS resident Bella shows her Full Monty, with a dramatic
tail extension for good measure! :)

Bella Full Monty 2010 (http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com/)

Jasmine's Full Monty With a Q!

Here's a Full Monty with a Q from sweet Jasmine, who currently lives at PAWS in Norwalk, CT. :)

Jasmine Full Monty 2010 (http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com/)

Maggie's Full Monty With a Half Twist (modest)

Not to be outdone by her brothers Sammy and Moosey, here's Miss Maggie
doing her version of the Full Monty. :)

Maggie Full Monty 2010 (http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com/)

Sammy's Full Monty (modest)

Here's Sammy the Cat, doing his version of the Full Monty. :)

Sammy Full Monty 2010 (http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com/)

Moosey's Full Monty

Here's Moosey the Cat doing his "Full Monty" :)
Moosey Full Monty 2010 (http://animalsheltervolunteer.blogspot.com/)

Monday, August 30, 2010

BJ's Gentle Giant Tilted Full Monty, Modest & Not-So-Modest Versions

Name: Brutus Jr. aka BJ
Pose Name: Gentle Giant Tilted Full Monty,
Modest and Not-So-Modest Versions

Pose Year: 2010
Blog Address: http://missyblueeyes.blogspot.com/

Note how tail placement differentiates between modest/not-so-modest versions.

Clementine's Full Monty with a Twist

Samantha's Side Full Monty

Samantha Doing the Sleepy Q

Penny's Full (Modest) Monty

This is Penny's Full Monty taken in 2010! We said "Modest" Monty in the title because of Yukon's much more "robust" entry earlier on. Check him out here, plus his Monty Q-(less) pose here, and Snafu's too, then check us out at http://www.catofninetales.com/.
Have fun everyone! ~Lisa Co9T

Panda Bear's Full Monty 2010

Panda Bear of The Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) gives all the laydeez his purrmanent wink while doing the Full Monty on the people bed. Photographed in August 2010.

Cookie's Full Monty with a Twist 2010

Cookie of The Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) performs the Full Monty with a Twist on top of the 2010 BlogPaws Swag Bag with Nip Nanner nearby. Photographed in July 2010.

Caramel's Monty Q and Full Monty Poses 2010

Caramel of The Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) does her version of the Monty Q pose - inside a plush igloo on the eve of her first birthday in March 2010!

Caramel of The Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) does her Full Monty pose with an element of added risk - at the top of the stairs! Note the laser eyes, toe extension, and floofy toehawks. Photographed in November 2009.

Meerkat's ShameFull Full Monty 2010

Meerkat of The Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) with her ShameFull Full Monty pose, photographed in June 2009.

KC - Full Monty With a Strict 180-degree Twist

Name: KC
Pose: Full Monty With a Strict 180-Degree Twist
Year: 2010
Address: http://missyblueeyesblogspot.com/

Pad orientation be furry impawtant in this position.
Mine tail is held at a strict 45-Degree angle to mine body.
Mine top right paw is in purrfect alignment wif my back left paw.

Click each grafik fur amazing dee-tale and hoover tha mouse cursur fur sekrit messages!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ducky Does the Q

After much going through lots and lots of pictures mum and me has decided this is my best Q shot. I hope you all like it. If you haven't seen the outakes, come on over to our blog.

Derby has been shy this year, no Full Monty pictures. I am not a Full Monty kittie.

This is my first blogoshpere contest, I sure hope I do OK.


Wally Does the Curly Q Tail!!

Check out my curly Q tail!!
Come visit me at http://island-cats.com!!

Wally Does the Full Monty

Doing the Full Monty just comes to me naturally!!
This time I'm doing it with my nip tomato!!!

You can see me doing the Full Monty
on a regular basis at http://island-cats.com!!

Ernie Does the Full Monty

This is a rare Full Monty moment for me!

You can visit me at http://island-cats.com!!

Zoey Does the Full Monty

This is my sleepy Full Monty!!

You can see more of me at http://island-cats.com!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ginger and the Full Monty

Ginger demonstrates a demure Full Exposure Side Monty

Ellie and Cory Momma Monty

Ellie, assisted by baby Cory doing the Momma Monty (while nursing).

Figaro- Tuxie Full Monty with a Twist

Figaro enters the Tuxie contest with a Full Monty with Twist

Madison Upsidedown Full Monty with a Q

Madison does the Upsidedown reverese modest Full Monty with a Q!

Date unknown...in his younger days.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Boo Tuxie Monty Q

Miss Boo Doing a Tuxie Q 2010!

Ping Does the Q

Ping 2010 Doing the Twisted Q
Devon from The Four Crazy Cats doing the Full Monty! 2010
Devon is also entering the Monty Q with this image below...2010

edna's TV Full Monty

edna Full Monty 2010 the cat realm

OZ Yoga Full Monty

mrs. OZ Full Monty 2010 the cat realm

Full Monty with Q Tail Curl

tintin Full Monty 2010 the cat realm

Zipped Up Q

Cheysuli at http://www.chey.mysiamese.com does the zipped up Q.

Yuu-Chan's Full Monty

My name is Yuu-Chan. I am a 1-year old sorrel Abyssinian living in France and I would like to enter the FULL MONTY category:

The blog I share with my three kitty siblings and my woofie big brother Tommy is at:

Socks ~ Doing the Curl

Artemisia ~ Half Full Monty

Being a modest lady cat Artemisia did the Full Monty with a twist to hide her lady parts. Artemisia blogs at Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog.

Scylla ~ Full Monty