Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Big Big Winners!

And now, with no further adieu, I present

The 2010 Do The Q! WINNERS!

Best Monty Q: Ducky!


We had a three way tie for this next category, so we had an impartial judge give the final vote. 

Best Full Monty:  Jasmin!


Best Interpretation on a Theme: Beau Beau!



Viewer's Choice:  Chey!



Best Tuxie: Miss Boo!



Best Cat House: Busby!


Concatulations to all of the winners! There were a lot to choose from, (and dang I'm glad I didn't have to vote...), and this is always a fun way to spread some love around the blogosphere.

For the winning kitties, please email me at Doing the Q AT gmail DOT com so we can get'cher prizes out to you. But the bragging rights start now, however.

We'll be back next year with new categories and ways to play!

We're counting!

We have two tied categories this year and are waiting for the judge's recount. Once we confirm everything we'll get the winners announced!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sir Edmund commands you!

(Yeah, it isn't me, but it's one of MomBean's favorite entries, like evar.) 

Here's what you need to do, head over to the contest blog and peruse all of the entries. Then write down your favorite for each category and send them to Doingtheq AT gmail DOT com. You don't have to enter to vote, either-as long as you have a blog you can enter.

...pet blog, btw. Don't be asking 324,234 beans to come over and vote for you. It'll take MomBean forever to count them and we won't have a winner until Moosh hits Kindergarten.


Best Monty Q and Full Monty

Viewer's Choice

Best Interpretation on a Theme

(Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?)

Best Tuxie sponsored by Millie, of Darling Millie fame.

The Best Cat House is being sponsored by Kazoko Neko. 

That means that there are 6 categories to vote for. Please copy/paste this is your entry when you send it in:

Best Monty Q;
Best Full Monty:
Best Interpretation on a Theme:
(Monty Q is the coolest cat evar.)
Viewer's Choice:
Best Tuxie:
Best Cat House:

Voting will be open until Sept. 16th! Get 'em in!

MomBean can be bribed with either Pepsi or Kinder chocolate. 


Flynn's Full Monty

Full Monty with back elevation and pink tummy. 


Eric's Full Monty

Full Monty with muddy paws.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Busby: Best Cat House

Busby likes this Cat House. (2010) It has everything a cat needs! www.catsbythesea.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Darling Millie - Demure Full Monty

Millie - 2010 - Demure Full Monty with a Slight Twist
blog: darlingmillie.blogspot.com

Full Monty Stretch

Beau Beau - Full Monty 2010 with a stretch
blog: (http://swicks.blogspot.com)

better late than never...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ginger Jasper's Q

Ginger Jasper's Full Monty

DANG. --Monty Q


Cleo's Full Monty

Cleo with a full monty with a slight twist.

Galletta Full Monty

Work it! - Monty Q


Full Smitten Kitten

Oy! Stop squeeing or you'll break the sound barrier MomBean!


Gabrielle Q

Molly Q

With a perfect poofy tail placement.


A Casper Q

Ooo! You're up for Kazoko Neko's category!


Archie's Full Monty

Benjamin's Full Monty

A young Full Monty, check out that potential!


Henry's Full Monty

Making it look easy! -Monty Q


Iza's Full Monty

I do the full Monty in the kitchen, the hallway, the bedroom, etc. I just love bein on my back with my paws up every chance I get!


Ivy's Full Monty

Easy boys, she is a ladycat!


A Cricket Q

Cricket doing The Full Monty with a body curl.


A Summery Lady Q

Please observe the dainty lift of the paw!


Spats Twisty Q

Spats's Monty Q with a twist!


Seabourne's Q

Taken from up above, note the nice tail placement!


A Sassy Q!

One sassy Q from a Sassy girl!


Sam's Full Monty

Sam's 2010 Full Monty. 

Whoa bro! -Monty Q


The Furry Slug

Pandora doing The Monty Q, with the front feets tucked under for a more fuller effect. Mom calls it The Furry Slug.