Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Puddy Does the Q and the Full Monty!

Here are Puddy's entries, she's tried really hard!

First up is the Monty Q. It's a variation on the Monty Q - she decided to do a "curly" one and I think it looks rather artistic, don't you? Even her tail is curled!

And here is her favourite out of the two - her Full Monty pose! Very elegant, I do believe! Teehee, she was watching television at the time I snapped this and she didn't look too impressed, but when I informed her it was for a competition, she was all for it!

I think this is all we need to do to enter, if I've forgotten anything, let me know either here or at our home, A Byootaful Life! Good luck to all the entrants, our kitties sure are talented!

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