Monday, August 17, 2009

Voting Day!

Sir Edmund commands you!

(Yeah, it isn't me, but it's one of MomBean's favorite entries, like evar. I'll be nice to her as the newbean has been doing the tango all weekend and she looks a little sore...)

Here's what you need to do, head over to the contest blog and peruse all of the entries. Then write down your favorite for each category and send them to Doingtheq AT gmail DOT com. You don't have to enter to vote, either-as long as you have a blog you can enter. blog, btw. Don't be asking 324,234 beans to come over and vote for you. It'll take MomBean forever to count them and we won't have a winner until newbean hits Kindergarten.


Best Monty Q and Full Monty

Viewer's Choice

Best Interpretation on a Theme

(Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?)

Silliest Q! Category-sponsored by Parker & Co.

The Curly Q Tail CATegory is being handled by Victor, so send yer bribes his way. ;)

Voting will be open until August 31st, and MomBean can be bribed with powdered sugar doughnuts.

HEY! Stop that!


Meowers from Missouri said...

ed's furry proud that you used his picture!! good luck to efurrycat!!

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Is the Best Monty Q and Full Monty just one category or two, one for Monty Q and one for Full Monty? Just want to be sure!
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh my gosh!! We will get on it and have it done by tomorrow!! We still have time?
Your (formally FL now) TX furiends,